Volufiline Solution 100ml


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Volufiline is majorly used to formulate tropical breast and butt enlargement products

Volufiline help increase body volume through cosmetological lipofilling-like effects. It stimulates the adipocyte (fat cells) differentiation and proliferation, promotes lipid storage and brings volume where it is needed.

This product is based on sarsasapogenin, a phytosterol with no hormone activity (This means that it does not mess with your body’s natural hormone cycles).

It is majorly used for personal care emulsions that help to increase the volume of fat on the chest (breast), buttocks, hands and cheeks.

Volufiline can be incorporated into face cream to make your complexion plump It is an herbal ingredient used in some creams to improve in the area where it is applied. It contains a plant extract salsasapogenin from a Chinese herb called ZhiMu (Anemarrhena asphodeloides).

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volufiline solution

Volufiline Solution 100ml


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